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DoubleClick Web Design

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Introducing DoubleClick Web Design

DoubleClick Web Design are your local web designers Coffs Harbour. We do all the usual stuff like website development and website hosting. We also provide an SEO service and advise clients on their online marketing campaigns. But we have an added little twist! We share a lot of our web design, SEO and online marketing knowledge with you through our Web Design Handbook.

The Web Design Handbook contains all sorts of website tips and tricks to help you build your own website. We feel that helping novice designers create their own masterpieces is just as fulfilling as designing a website ourselves.

What web design services do we offer?

Our web design service can include anything from building a basic static site to a complex e-commerce site. We can also design WordPress sites for those of you wanting a CMS database site.  Our WordPress sites can be a complete design, or just the bones of a website ready for you to drop your own content into.

When we design a website for you, our inital SEO service is included. We ensure that the site is submitted to and optimised for search engines. We can also provide advice on how you can continue to administer the SEO campaign yourself, so that you can get the most out of your site.

Do we provide a hosting service too?

DoubleClick can host your website for you. We use secure, reliable Australian based servers with Australian based support staff. With four different sized hosting plans available for any sized business, we’ve got your web hosting needs covered!

What about online marketing?

We can assist you with online marketing, whether this be just some advice on how to do it yourself or partnering with you to take over some of this on behalf of your business.

Can we help with SEO?

If you need some intenstive search engine optimisation done on an existing website that isn’t performing too well, we can help. We have SEO specialists at hand that can get websites performing even in the most competitive industries.

How can we be contacted?

DoubleClick Web Designers Coffs Harbour have connections to local graphic designers, photographers and marketing consultants. For more information about DoubleClick Web Design Coffs Harbour contact us on 0414 954 179 or email us.