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Web Design, SEO and Online Marketing

DoubleClick Web Design specialise in low-cost websites for small businesses, freelancers and those just starting out. We believe that clean design provides a better user-experience than a website that tries too hard. Therefore, all our websites are designed to be well-structured, easy to read and enjoyable to visit.

What sorts of websites can we design?

DoubleClick Web Design can design anything from a static site to a fully functioning e-commerce website. Our services cover complete web design inclusive of site design and artwork.

DoubleClick Web Design Coffs Harbour have recently added WordPress to our repertoire. Therefore, we can now produce a WordPress website that can be handed over to you to maintain. This is good news for those of you wanting a blog website, online shop or an image gallery.

Do our sites come optimised for search engines?

When we build a website, we hand it over fully optimised for search engines and submitted to search engine databases. We also offer ongoing SEO support so that your site will maintain its ranking.

What about social media and online marketing?

Online marketing can be overwhelming for small business owners. The options are endless and it is hard to decide what strategy to use. Hence, DoubleClick Web Design provide useful tips on how to best utilise social media. We can provide help with streamlining online marketing activities.

How can we be contacted?

Gold Coast Web Developers are located in Varsity Lakes with connections to local graphic designers, photographers and marketing consultants. For more information about DoubleClick Web Design Coffs Harbour contact us on 0414 954 179 or email us on info@doubleclickwebdesign.com.au.