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Simple, Clean & User Friendly Design

DoubleClick Web Design Coffs Harbour provide plenty of web design tips in our Web Design Handbook. But we understand that it’s hard to find the time to fiddle around with a website when you’re busy running your business. That’s where we can swoop in to save the day!

We can build your website for you. Whether you need a bespoke website hand-coded from scratch or a template site that you can update yourself. Regardless of the method you choose, our sites are all well laid out and extremely cost effective to maintain. 

What sort of websites can we build for you?

We can assist you to build any type of website from a static site to an e-commerce site.  We particularly enjoy working with small business and freelancer websites.  So for those of you starting out with a blog, opening a new online store or starting your own small business we would love to work with you.

Can you design websites in WordPress?

Yes we can provide a WordPress web design service as well. We can then hand the completed site over to you to add your own content to. This is particularly useful for those who are intending to blog, run an online store or maintain an image gallery.

Why should you choose DoubleClick Web Design above other designers in the area?

What sets us apart from other designers, is that we see ourselves as a partner for your business.  We won’t build you a website, hand it over and disappear into obscurity. We can even provide ongoing online marketing services if you need someone to manage your social media accounts for you.

How can we be contacted?

DoubleClick Web Design in Coffs Harbour have connections to local graphic designers, photographers and professional marketing consultants. For more information about web design in Coffs Harbour contact us on 0414 954 179 or email us on info@doubleclickwebdesign.com.au