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Australian Severs & Support

DoubleClick Web Design offer a secure reliable web hosting service to local businesses in Coffs Harbour. Our servers are located in Australia and so are our support staff. With various web hosting plans available we’ve got hosting needs your covered!

To apply for a hosting plan simply decide on a hosting plan and fill out a hosting application form. If you’re not sure which hosting plan to select just email us on info@doubleclickwebdesign.com.au and we’ll help you to decide.

What exactly is web hosting and why do I need a hosting account?

A web hosting company rents out space on their server for a customer to store their website files. These secure servers run 24/7 and are maintained and operated by the web host. Without your files being stored on one of these servers, it would not be available on the internet.

What is the difference betweeen server storage space and traffic space?

Storage space is the amount of space allocated on the server for your website files. These files can be anything from HTML files, images, back-up files or any important files that you want to keep safe and secure.

Webite traffic is the amount of data transfered between your website and the end user. Whenever someone views your website their computer downloads the files that belong to the website from the server. The size of the files downloaded accounts for how much website traffic is used up during the transaction.

Choosing a web hosting provider

It is hard to decide which web hosting provider to choose. There are so many plans and prices out there, it can be a confusing excercise. W’ed recommend you look for a plan with the following credentials:

  • A server housed within the country your main business is in
  • A host that has local support staff available 24/7
  • Enough server space to house your website (at least 25Mb)
  • At least 1 x email address with a decent sized mailbox (1000Mb is good per mailbox)
  • Allowance for enough website traffic (at least 2000Mb)
  • Inclusion of at least 1 x mySQL database
  • Allowance of at least 1 x sub-domain
  • WordPress compatability

How can we be contacted?

DoubleClick Web Design are located in Coffs Harbour with connections to local graphic designers, photographers and marketing consultants. For more information about Web Hosting Coffs Harbour contact us on 0414 954 179 or email us on info@doubleclickwebdesign.com.au