What is Local SEO?

I don’t know about you, but I hear a lot about ‘Local SEO’ these days. As a web designer I know what this is all about, but for the vast majority of small business owners it is probably just another IT term that doesn’t really mean anything much.

When people talk about Local SEO they are talking about utilising local business directories to increase your presence on the web, which in-turn can increase your ranking on search engines. For example, having a Google+ Business page is an example of a local listing.

Another term you may have heard thrown around the place is ‘backlink’, which is kind of related. Having a link going to your website from a credible source can also increase your website ranking. Effectively, listing in a local business directory is creating a backlink to your website.

But there is more to Local SEO than meets-the-eye. Listings have to be exactly the same accross all directories and the directories have to be credible. Backlinks can also be created by link sharing with other local businesses and what about social media sites? Then we have social media reviews and other review sites that can be tapped into.

Here is a great article with some really good tips on how to tap into Local SEO for your business website … read more.