Six Colour Scheming Tips for your Website
How to select the right colour palette

Six Colour Scheming Tips for your Website

Color has the power to influence the soul!

One thing that a lot of people don’t know, is that colours can look different on different devices and even different browsers on the same device. You could spend a lot of time on your colour scheme, only to find that it looks terrible on your phone or a friends computer. In this post we run through Six Colour Scheming Tips for your Website, we hope these tips help you with your project.

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Obtain the RGB or HEX colour codes

Using a program such as Photoshop or even an open source program such as Paint.net, you can determine RGB or HEX colour codes for existing objects.

On any digital device the colours are rendered onscreen by using combinations of red, green and blue. The colour codes determine how much of each colour is used.

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Use the colours from your logo

If you already have a logo, why not use variants of your company logo to determine what other colours you will use throughout.

Again, using Photoshop or even free applications such as Paint.net it is possible to obtain the exact colour codes of your existing elements in order to replicate them throughout your site.

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Create your own colour scheme

One good way to ensure that none of your site colours clash, is to use a colour schemer such as W3 Schools Colour Picker to create your scheme.

Once you have your colour codes, you can work out the codes for the variations of your main colours. This way, even if the colours appear different on another device they will match with each other.

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Less Is More

One very important element to colour scheming is to keep it simple and make sure you only colour parts of the site that need it. Keeping your site clean will assist users to focus.

Realistically, you want to direct your users gaze to the parts of the site that are important. If this is your written content then that should stand out, if it is your product then that should be the focus.

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Determine what colours are best

The colours you use on your site can certainly create a mood, and can be psychologically important for users.

It is important to think about what product or service you are selling, and choose colours that will bring the user into the right frame of mind. So do your research and make sure that the scheme you choose is the right one for not only you, but your users.

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White Vs Black Background

There was a time when a black background with white writing was all the rage, but the use of white space tends to be what most websites opt for these days.

White space helps to remove distractions and helps a reader concentrate on the content you want them to see. There are times when a black background complements a site theme, so it is a matter of knowing your potential audience to decide.