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Getting your business found on Google

A lot of businesses have a website, but in many cases website is not doing very well. Generally, this can be put down to a failing search engine optimisation campaign. There is a lot involved in SEO, and it needs to be done well to be successful.

Search Engine Optimisation can include site content, site structure and layout as well as external affiliations to the website such as Google Business products, local directories and how many links other websites have to your site.

An SEO campaign also needs to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis. Keeping track of how the website is doing will give an indication as to what needs to be changed or updated. It is definitely not a set-and-forget type of deal!

How can we improve SEO for my website?

Interesting and engaging content is a must for a successful website. Without this, the website will fail regardless of how well the SEO is set-up. The first step we take, is to look at the content of a website and ensure that the information contained within is well-structured and relevant.

We can also look at the meta-data behind the site to see if keywords, page names, image names and the like are set correctly. A search engine must be able to determine the subject of your website. This information is contained in the back-end of your website, and we can make vast improvements in this area.

The third area is the effective use of social media, if any. Some businesses prefer not to use social media as part of their online marketing campaign. This is absolutely fine, but if there are social media accounts in use we can look at whether they are being utilised effectively.

How can we be contacted?

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