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Website Content Management

A True Ongoing Business Partnership

DoubleClick Web Design enjoy fantastic ongoing relationships with our clients, with may opting to have us do their ongoing website updates on their behalf. Just a quick email to us with what you need and we do the rest. We can negotiate a very affordable monthly rate tailored to your individual business needs that can be adjusted at anytime.

What's On Offer

Complete Management of Your Website Content

Small Business Websites

Ongoing Content Updates

A website is often the last thing on your mind when your busy running your business, but without regular updates and fresh content it will start to look old and unloved. We work with many of our clients on an ongoing basis to add new content on their behalf. All it takes is a quick email and we can do the rest.

Small Business Websites

Blogging Service

One way to easily add new content to your site, is to use the WordPress blogging function. But it’s not always that easy to find the time to draft up content and find the right images to add onto the post. Many of our clients hand this job over to us to manage, so they can get on with the job of running their business.

Small Business Websites

eCommerce Management

If you have a large eCommerce site to manage, it can be a job and a half just keeping your products and pricing up-to-date on your website. We can work with you to maintain your shop, ensuring that all products and images are optmised for search engines so that they will be found on a Google search.

Small Business Websites

Graphics & Image Manipulation

When images aren’t quite the right fit or look to tie in with the rest of your site design, they can ruin the look of your entire site. DoubleClick Web Design can assist with image manipulation and simple graphic design projects for you to use across your digital applications.

Small Business Websites

Search Engine Optimisation

The best thing about having your web designer do regular updates to your site, is that each and every page or post is optimised for search engines. This ensures that your website content can be found organically on a Google search, and that your website finds your prospective customers and clients.

Small Business Websites

Website Expansions & Upgrades

Because businesses grow, offerings change and website design techniques evolve over time a website is not a static entity. It must grow and adapt with your business. DoubleClick Web Design will stick with you through these changes to ensure your website remains current to the latest design trends.