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DoubleClick Web Design Gold Coast can help you to plan and implement your design project. We understand how search engines read website metadata and content, so can advise you on the appropriate site structure to cover user experience AND search engine compatibility. Once you have those two elements right, the rest of your project will come together easily!

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Specialist Strategic Website Project Advice

Small Business Websites

Website Structure Analysis

The structure of your website is important for your SEO strategy. Having your pages sorted in a way that will enable search engines to understand the content of your site will provide better overall organic site rankings. In turn, you wont need to pay Google to show your site to potential customers.

Small Business Websites

Website Content Advice

It is vitally important that the content of your website covers relevant key terms and phrases, yet will still be an enjoyable reading experience. Most importantly, website content should be informative and unique. We can help you get the correct mix between good user experience and search engine compatibility.

Small Business Websites

Attracting Users

The aim of any website, is to attract users and keep them on your site as long as possible. The more people that use your site, the better it will rank. But how do you attract visitors to your site and keep them there? We can help you to devise a strategy specific to your business.

Small Business Websites

Specialist Functionality

If you have a unique situation and you need your website to have specialist functionality that is not available out-of-the-box, we can help you. We have highly experienced programmers that can work with already existing WordPress plugins, or design a plugin unique to your situation.

Small Business Websites

Search Engine Optimisation

We’ve all heard about SEO by now and there is a good reason for that. If your website is not optmised for search engines, it simply will not work. DoubleClick Web Design can help you to restructure an existing site for search engine compatability, or help you design a site to relevant SEO protocols.

Small Business Websites

Google Business Products

There are number of Google products that are designed to help you manage your online marketing pursuits. Some are to help you market your site, some are to help you understand who is searching for sites like yours. We can help you understand what products are right for your business.