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Responsive and Intelligent Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive, Clean & Functional Designs

DoubleClick Web Design Gold Coast build responsive, clean and functional websites that work from any device. This means that your customers will be able to view your website information, purchase products or engage with your content from wherever they are, any time of the day. It’s that simple!

What's On Offer

Mobile Friendly, Multi-Device Websites

Small Business Websites

Responsive Website Designs

In the age of hand-held devices, it is essential that customers can use your website from any device. Our responsive website designs deliver just that. It doesn’t matter what device your customers are using, they will be able to read the content and use the site just as it should be.

Small Business Websites

Self-Managed Content

Our small business sites are built with the WordPress platform, meaning that once we have completed your site design you will be able to add your own content if this is something you would like to do. If you would rather leave the ongoing updates to us, we can do that too.

Small Business Websites

Managed Website Updates

Managing your website content can be a time consuming job, and without coding skills it can be hard to maintain a consistent look to your website. That’s why we offer the option to have us manage your website updates on your behalf, at a negotiated monthly fee.

Small Business Websites

Online Shop Capabilities

eCommerce is an important element to any business that is selling one or more products. Whether you are selling physical merchandise or downloadable content, DoubleClick Web Design can help. Inclusive of secure payment gateways via Paypal or Stripe you can start selling online TODAY!

Small Business Websites

Customised for Your Business

We understand that every business is different, and you would like to stand out from your competitors. So we tailor your website to your business model to ensure that it does what you need it to do, and that it doesn’t get lost in the crowd. Clean, responsive websites that are enjoyable to visit!

Small Business Websites

Optimised for Search Engines

We’ve all heard about SEO by now and there is a good reason for that. If your website is not optmised for search engines, it simply will not work. To be found organically on a Google search is just about every business owners dream, let it become a reality for your business TODAY!